Friday, December 19, 2008

Kenapa Fan Man U.........?

Manchester United fans...

a) don't even come from Manchester. Most of them are from out of town, or "greater Manchester" as they call it. Almost every Pakistani cab driver I saw supports Manchester United. You can tell by their car stickers. The locals support their blue collared rivals, City. 

b) seem to enjoy knocking their rivals. You hardly see any Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool supporter abusing the other's club when there isn't a match between the three. Mancs on the other hand seem compelled to hurl insults at us whenever they get up in the morning. Why? Beats the heck out of me. They are after all the most successful and biggest club in England. Pick on somebody your own size eh? 

c) are amongst the most optimistic though they tend to cross the line, entering the zone of arrogance. If you have monitored their thread, you'd notice that certain posters are already prepared for the final in Moscow. Who the heck are Barcelona anyway but some small Catalan Club with miniature players? I have to admit I admire their confidence. 

d) seem to disappear the day after a loss, especially if it's to Liverpool. My lads and I put our kits on especially after a defeat. We live and die with the club, we don't feel ashamed as I assume they do. 

e) in Malaysia have not been through tough times. Smooth sailing all the way. No Premiership title in 4 years? "Ohhh noooo!! tragedy, dark days!". Puhleeezzzz. What drama. It's easier to knock others when they are down but your day will come and we'll see if you switch allegiances then. Those of us who have been fans from the 80's/90's have walked the walk, and talked the talked, we are still Liverpool fans. Let's see if you can make a similar claim in the decades to come. Manchester United marketed themselves in Asia as a brand, and like any other brand, they will go out of fashion at some point. Like any other brand that goes out of fashion, they will be replaced. People think they have loyalty to a particular brand, but only if that brand maintains it's image and keeps churning out proper products. 

f) are extremely quiet at games. They make most of their noise on message boards or forums such as these. I've been to the FA Cup Final viewing here between Manchester United and Arsenal. Needless to say there was a huge turn out with most fans more content with chatting to one another than singing or chanting. Maybe they should start handing out song sheets? I've also been to the one between them and us, with their official fan club in attendance mind you. Even met and shook hands with the president, Lawrence. Fans at Old Trafford are no different. Ferguson has already complained about the distinct silence. They make mock our 12th man claim but ask anyone if they feel more confident and raise their game with a veracious crowd behind them? It's common sense. 

g) mostly only know one song, and not even the complete version at that. They go "glory glory man utd x 1000000000000", like a broken record. Once again, song sheets please. 

h) can't bring themselves to congratulate their rivals even after a good game of football, should they end up on the losing end of course. 

i) always claim they played like crap, and not that their rivals played well, when they lose. Oh, they also like to lay blame to everything else except for themselves i.e. Referee, rough play, lack of protection for Ronaldo, wind sheer factor, oxygen content in the air, number of blades of grass per square foot, etc. 

Think the above pretty much sums up my thoughts. I have of course described the fans that I know personally. I'm sure there are exceptions, as boon has mentioned, but I have to call it as I see it.

p/s:teka aku fan ape?

credit to solstice818 founder The Kop Talks from LYN

Best Quote

Korang pernah tak main game winning eleven. tapi aku tak ingat la winning eleven bape. banyak sgt. huhuhu. korang perasan tak ade satu quote penyokong pegang sepanduk camtu la. aku memang tertarik sangat dengan quote ni.."DONT BOMB IRAQ, NUKE MANCHESTER" aku ingat orang yang wat game ni memang anti Man U gak.hahaha. aku suke.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Food not Bomb-Favourite Makan Spot

Ni aku nak kongsi ngan korang port2 makan yang best untuk dikunjungi..

1. William
Location - Taman Mayang,PJ
Food - Western, Nasi Goreng, Customise Menu(hehe), Variable Roti Nan
 Price - Berbaloi la bagi aku walaupun mahal
Comment - Memang best gile sama cam menu hotel, noh hujan pon makan kat sini. hahah

2. Nasi Lemak/Charkueyteaw
Location - Bunga Raya, Wangsa Maju near to UTAR
Food - Nasik Lemak Panas2 dgn Charkueyteaw
Price - Standard la..affordable
Comment - ni memang hotspot untuk budak2 belah ampang la. 

3. Chicken Hartz
Location - Sunway Pyramid, Times Square
Food - Fastfood nye style tapi buffet dgn tema "all you can eat'
Price - RM19++ per pax
Comment - kalau sangap sgt nak makan byk leh la makan sini

4. Sup Hari Jumaat
Location - Masjid ape ntah kat Jalan Pasar
Food - Sup Tulang/Daging dgn nasik & Lauk2
Price - Ok je...sampai kena beratur.
Comment - Sup ni memang kaw&best gile. Tapi hari jumaat je ade. aku kalau sebelum solat jumaat kat tempat kerja lama dulu mesti makan sup ni dulu. beratur panjang yang tak tahan sikit

5. Seoul Restaurant
Location - Plaza Pantai, One Utama
Food - Korean Food, ni pon buffet gak..makan sampai pecah perut
Price - RM39++ pe pax
Comment - Leh makan banyak tu yang aku suke. eheheh

6. Restoran Seafood 
Location - Jeram Pantai, Kuala Selangor
Food - Makanan Panas, Ikan Bakar, Seafood
Price - Murah untuk seafood
Comment - Makanan average je kot.tapi murah kan,so leh amik banyak2 la. yang penting makan banyak lagi.ehehehe

7. Nasi Kandar Zainol (NKZ)
Location - Petaling Jaya New Town
Food - Of course la Nasi Kandar kan
Price - Standard Mamak
Comment - Ni la nasik kandar yang best gile in town..memang makan tu sampai malam tgn hg bau kari..bestttt.hahaha. ayam goreng die mak ai. memang umphhh.aku suggest korang amik ayam penuh.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Great Sunday

Tak sabar rasanya menunggu hari ahad ni..Arsenal v Liverpool!! dapatkah pasukan kegemaran aku menang dalam perlawanan untuk kekal di tangga keatas. aku rasa perlawanan ini seimbang je.sebab dua2 pasukan ni tak konsisten sgt lebih2 lagi arsenal la. mungkin liverpool leh amik peluang ni. tapi kalau kite tgk sape sangka arsenal leh menang dgn man u hari tu kan. tu yang tak konfiden sgt.kot2 arsenal wat kejutan lagi.sama2lah kite tungu...lastly, harapan aku mestilah nak liverpool menang kan. takkan la nak suh arsenal menang lak. Debaran semakin kencang... You'll Never Walk Alone!!!!

The Collecter

Shopping spree!!!

ni satu bundle kat kampung aku yang best gile..memang byk barang2 kat sini. tapi harga mahal sikit la. gambar ni diambil pada malam raya haji yang ketiga...

Getting Started!!

orang buat blog..kite nak buat blog jugak. apa gune benda alah ni.aku pon xtau..pernah gak baca blog2 org lain. ade cite pasal politik(ni yang paling pemes la)..ade tulis pasal diri sendiri..bisnes..kutuk dan maki kerajaan.aku xtau nak buat ape dgn benda alah ni setakat ni. aku menulis merapu dulu la..


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